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We Are Dedicated to A Healthier Life

Provide the public with safe, effective and economical therapeutic products.

Provide scientific and professional services to medical service organizations.

Promote the improvement of clinical diagnosis and treatment guidelines or consensus.


A Respectable, Innovation-oriented, Leading Pharmaceutical Company

We are dedicated to public health, continuously making breakthroughs, pursuing excellence, promoting social and industry progress, and making continuous efforts for the quality of human life.

The therapeutic treatment fields are well established according to the enterprise positioning. Continue to develop new drugs with clear clinical and market value, and continuously improve the level of innovation and development of related medicinal products.

The professionalization and public welfare of the service concept of leading the public in the prevention, treatment and management of chronic diseases.

Team Culture




Core Values

Self-improvement:Self discipline and Enterprising
Teamwork:Collaboration and Sharing
Performance:Innovation and Value
Social Responsibility :Responsibility and Dedication

Elite Oath

Today I choose to challenge.
The path is full of hardships and more opportunities,
I want to go all out and create a miracle of life.
From now onwards,
I shall be grateful, stay disciplined,
humble and cherish every day.