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In 1967, Xuzhou Meat Factory established a pharmaceutical workshop and started product research and development work.
It has successively developed antibacterial maggots, brain tissue fluid, pepsin, peptone, gastric enzyme tablets, multi-enzyme tablets, insulin and other products. In 1976, it has begun to take shape, and tablets, powders, and water injections are complete.


By integrating the pharmaceutical factory of Xuzhou Medical College and pharmaceutical team of Xuzhou Beef and Mutton Processing Plant, Xuzhou Biochemical Pharmaceutical Factory was established in 1981.
It added important varieties such as cytochrome C, artificial bezoar, and heparin sodium. By 1986, Xuzhou Biochemical Pharmaceutical Factory became the first biochemical pharmaceutical company in Jiangsu Province to break through with an annual output value of 10 million and an export value of 2.3 million US dollars, and became a major foreign exchange earner in Jiangsu.


In 1990, the animal original insulin production line was set up by introducing advanced equipments, henceforth established a leading position in anti-diabetic therapeutic area steadily.


In 1995, an innovative R&D project of recombinant human insulin was initiated, opening a new era of R&D innovation


Joined the Seagull Group and was reorganized into Xuzhou Wanbang Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 1998.
Attracted 34 million RMB in investment and built a new base in Jinshanqiao district in 1998, with sales income of 44.88 million RMB and profit of 1.18 million RMB.


In 2001, it was changed to Wanbang Biopharmaceuticals.
In the same year, company invested about 60 million in the Xuzhou Economic Development Zone to establish a production base that meets the requirements of GMP and was in the first level to obtain the GMP certificate within the domestic pharmaceutical industry. The operating income exceeded 100 million RMB and the profit was 10.06 million RMB.


In 2004, Wanbang became a subsidiary of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical(Group)Co., Ltd. and stepped into the rapid growth and development period
The operating income exceeded 160 million RMB and the profit was 25.8 million RMB.


In 2008, Wanbang began to expand extensively and accelerate the pace of investments, mergers and acquisitions. Wanbang Pharmaceutical Marketing and Distribution Co., Ltd. was established. The third generation insulin project was also inniated.
Merged and integrated Chemo Biopharma, Wanbang Folon, Zhaohui Pharma and Wanbang Sinock. Started the research and development of the third-generation insulin, insulin analogues, represented by recombinant insulin lispro and insulin glargine, and comprehensively completed and improved the insulin product line.


In 2013, the new FDF joint workshop that complied with EU and US FDA standards was completed and officially put into use, and the internationalization process was further accelerated!


In 2017, it was upgraded to Jiangsu Wanbang Bio pharmaceuticals (Group).
R&D and innovation companies such as Wanbang Technology, Wanbang Cloud Health, Wellbond, and Internet innovation companies have been established to make the pace of innovation accelerated.