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Five Kinds of Spirit

Professional Manager



Scientist Spirit


Special Fighting Spirit


Craftsmanship Spirit


Dedication Spirit

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Wanbang Biopharma adheres to Fosun Pharma's talent concept of "attracting people with development, gathering people with careers, cultivating people with work, and evaluating people with performance". And on this basis, vigorously carry forward five kinds of spirits: Professional manager (Entrepreneurship), R&D (Scientist spirit), Marketing (Special fighting spirit), Operating (Craftsmanship spirit), and Support (Dedication spirit).

At the meantime, Wanbang Biopharma vigorously introduces and cultivates talents, listens to employees' voices, pays attention to employees' demands, and provides employees with space and opportunities for learning, growth and development. It is committed to provide all staff, on the platform of Wanbang Biopharma, with a prosper career, a promising development, and prosperous income, as well as the joy of work and the warmth of home!

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