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Wanbang University

2016 is a milestone year for the company's learning culture development. The senior management of the company put forward that, based on the future strategy, the talent planning for future development should be comprehensively arranged, and the growth needs of employees should be closely combined to establish an enterprise university.

The working group of Wanbang university was formally established in March 2016, and the overall planning and construction were carried out at the four levels of enterprise university organization establishment and construction, system, training resource system and training implementation system. "Wanbang University", is based on the training system to establish and improve the overall coverage, promote enterprise strategic need cover executives, middle, new employees, and various lines business backbone and reserve talented person, the continuous improvement of the comprehensive training development system optimization, and continuous extraction, presents the wisdom and communication enterprises, implementing the resources sharing, talents cultivation of career paths for employees, employee growth, provide a continuous resources ability to continue as a going concern.

A group photo of Wanbang Pharmaceutical staff during military training

Wanbang University LOGO Interpretation

The LOGO of Wanbang university looks like a wild goose flying. Bottom spread figure background color for the main color of Wanbang Pharmaceutical blue, shape like the wings of a wild goose, like an open book; The head of the wild goose is like a pen, highlighting the power of learning to drive forward; The blue background sky is dotted with stars, which means that Wanbang university cultivates rising stars for medicine in the vast world of Fosun Pharmaceutical, paving the avenue of stars for endogenous talents.


New Employee Training

We will provide practical orientation training for every employee who joins Wanbang pharmaceutical, and help new employees to integrate more quickly, better adapt to the post and better grow up.

T24 Teaching Program

We will provide two-year T24 training and attention for new graduates, implement the post guide system, customized post guide learning plan, and carry out general ability growth courses and career flight support activities.

Wanbang University Training Class

Sort out the work experience summary, knowledge and skills achievements of each line in the medical system of Wanbang Pharmaceutical, extract them deeply and present them as standardized courses; Through customized knowledge planning, systematic classroom training, tracking post practice, and promoting the improvement of students' behavior after participating in training, the rapid replication of excellent experience can be promoted. A large-scale resource integration communication platform has been gradually formed, and member enterprises have provided customized resource docking for endogenous talent cultivation.

Senior Management Team Building

Quarterly theme study helps middle and senior managers to understand advanced management concepts, master practical management tools, implement efficient management mode and achieve excellent management ability.