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Guo Guangchang Visited Vonsun Pharmatech and Encouraged R&D Innovation

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Recently, Guo Guangchang, chairman of Fosun International, visited Vonsun Pharmatech, a member enterprise of Wanbang Biopharmaceuticals. Wen Liangzhu, chief scientist of Wanbang Biopharma and general manager of Vonsun Pharmatech, and Xin Zhongshuai, Vice general manager of Vonsun Pharmatech, received Guo Guangchang and his delegation.

During the meeting, Xin Zhongshuai presented the report on the company's current key products, development pipeline, project progress, etc. Guo Guangchang gave affirmation on the concept of "build core technology platform and stick to innovation to solve clinical needs" of Vonsun Pharmatech. After the meeting, Guo Guangchang visited the lab and encouraged technicians to adhere and focus on research and development. Guo Guangchang said that Fosun Pharma will integrate the company and social resources in Suzhou and enhance the support for development of several innovative biotechnology research and development companies in Suzhou, including Vonsun Pharmatech; also expand the fosun pharma's biotech industry layout in Suzhou.

Guo Guangchang also visited the biomedical industrial park where Vonsun Pharmatech is located and discussed with Wu Qingwen, secretary of the CPC working committee of the industrial park for the industrial development and layout of Fosun Pharma in Suzhou.